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Rota Vineyard and Winery was established in the summer of 2004 by Erez Rota,
an artist and winemaker, in the heart of the desert, as one of a string of single vineyards along the Ramat HaNegev Wine Route.

As well as its boutique winery which crafts quality wines from its single vineyard, Rota Vineyard and Winery also houses an art and sculpture studio and sculpture garden, and offers hospitality and overnight stays in a khan (desert-style accommodation), and a desert cabin for hikers.
The Farm’s facilities are available for family events and parties in a desert atmosphere.
Guided tours, wine tours, and art and awareness workshops are also on offer.
We’d be delighted to see you among our guests


In the heart of the silent desert with its starry skies, we offer overnight stays and
accommodation in a desert khan that is ideal for groups. We also have a hikers’ cabin
for families and small groups.
Take a break – enjoy some desert time…

What they say about us

Stunning place in the desert
Excellent wine

Ilan Ifergan

Haifa israel

We really enjoyed the tour with Erez to get to know the art exhibits scattered on the farm, the visit to the diverse studio and the breath of the wine air in the winery

Hanoch Klil-Hahoresh

I bought an excellent kosher wine for Passover mehadrin and enjoyed seeing the lovely farm with the artist's works

Israel Tel Aviv


With our vineyards planted in Halutza sands on the banks of Nahal

Revivim at the edge of the Negev desert, we proudly express the unique

qualities of this terroir in our wine.

Wine tastings and tours

You are invited to experience the desert, a guided tour, the vineyards, the winery, and the

farm in the heart of the Negev. And taste the winery’s quality wines. Produced by an artist,

the wine at Rota Winery has unique desert flavors thanks to its unique terroir.


Multidisciplinary artist Erez Rota born in Shapira South Tel Aviv

invites you to a unique and experiential workshop in his studio and on the farm


The Israeli Negev: A Must See Destination!

A nice pair of reporters wrote about us on the wine site. The Biran couple visited the Negev wineries and also wrote about us

October, 2009

In the newspaper on the table

November, 2010

Wine critic Daniel Rogov visited the Negev in March 2010 and wrote about the winery's wines

March 16, 2011


Are you interested in any of our offerings, or do you have any questions?
Send us your details and we’ll be in touch soon!

Or simply call us


Or email us at

Rota Farm

Ramat Negev Regional Council

Mobile Post Halutza, 85515

Wine, tastings, accommodation and hospitality events

Erez, 054.496.8703

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