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Accommodation, Retreats and Events

The Rota Farm is in the heart of the Negev desert about half an hour’s drive south of

Beersheba. The wonderful tranquility, picturesque vineyards, and endless desert landscape all

play their part in this magical setting.

Visitors Center

The perfect place for workshops and sleepovers for a variety of purposes for groups of up to about 80+ people. The structure
can be cooled or heated, depending on the season.


We hold workshops and wine tours for groups of up to 40 people.

For groups and individuals, we host personal development and empowerment workshops through painting and other approaches.

You are welcome to hold any workshop and/or group meeting of your choice, including birthday parties, meetings, conferences and social and family gatherings.

There is a kitchen and toilet facilities.

A Spacious Khan & Camping

On site, we also have a spacious khan (biblical era desert ‘motel’) adjacent to an area where tents may be pitched for groups, families and/or nature travelers. This facility  is perfect for holidays and events.


The khan’s floor is covered with Bedouin mats. It contains mattresses for sleeping and a cozy seating area. A wood-burning stove creates warmth and atmosphere in the winter months.

There is a refreshing paddling pool next to the khan with a lovely outlook over the desert sands. Next door there is a large shed and
a self-catering kitchen (including a stove, oven and refrigerator),
a barbecue and a place to light a fire (wood and charcoal may be bought on site). The complex also has tables and chairs for the use of guests, as well as toilets and showers.

Adjacent to the khan area there is large car park giving disabled access to and within the khan compound.


The khan and its surroundings may be booked for groups and families. It is ideal for hosting

events, birthdays, weddings, conferences and parties suited to
the desert environment.

A Hikers’ Cabin

We invite you to spend some time in this unique place, which accommodates up to 12 people (sleeping on mattresses) in a
cozy building with a kitchen, air conditioner, bathroom and

toilet. A shaded patio and paddle pool offer views of our orchard and the desert beyond.


No animals may be brought into the farm and its facilities.

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