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The Khan

Desert accommodation Ohel / Khan

In the heart of the farm in an open and magical desert landscape, amidst green vineyards full of ripe grapes, is a spacious khan lined with rugs and mattresses, a sitting area, a place to sleep up to 30 people.
Adjacent parking to the khan, paddling pool, fountain, there is a possibility to supply wood for lighting a fire and charcoal for a barbecue, for an additional fee,
Soothing shade near the khan and kitchen for self-use travelers.
Gas and refrigerator for storage, tables and chairs near the shower and toilet complex and reasonable access for the disabled to the khan and winery. The khan is heated in winter.
The khan and its surroundings can be rented for family events, for groups,
For birthdays, weddings, conventions, and solid parties.
The tent complex is lit, suitable for field travelers, families and groups.





Price Sunday-Wednesday 90 NIS for each age.

Note: Child up to the age of 2 Free accommodation.

The tent holds up to about 30 people.



Tent rental for groups, and families.
For a group interested in exclusive rental, minimum price NIS 2,000
On holidays and weekends 2,400 NIS
Possibility to hold solid events, parties and birthdays

Possibility of accommodation in a private tent of the hiker in the farm complex
70 NIS for an adult
  50 NIS per child.

Do not bring and bring animals to the farm !!!


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