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Accommodation and accommodation

Accommodation and accommodation  

In the heart of the Negev desert, half an hour south of Be'er Sheva, lies Rota Farm . The wonderful tranquility, the picturesque vineyards and the open desert landscape, are something  Secret  Its magic.  

There is a khan in the place  Spacious, next to an area for setting up tents  - For groups, families and field travelers. Suitable for accommodation and events .  

The khan is upholstered in mats , contains mattresses for sleeping and a cozy seating area. In winter,  The khan is heated in a wood stove . In the vicinity of the khan there is a refreshing paddling pool , overlooking the  Desert sands. Next to it is a large shed and a hiking kitchen for self-use (including stove, oven and refrigerator), barbecue and space  For lighting a fire (you can buy wood and charcoal on the spot). In the complex there are tables and chairs , for the use of the guests, as well as toilets and showers .  Large car park adjacent to the khan area, with disabled access .

The khan and its surroundings can be rented for groups, family events, birthdays, weddings, conferences and solid parties.


Sunday-Wednesday: 90 NIS per person 

At the weekend: 2500 NIS for a single group - up to 30 people

* For a child up to the age of two - free accommodation



Setting up personal tents on the farm

70 NIS for an adult

50 NIS  To the child

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Do not bring animals into the farm

For coordination

Erez 054.4968.703

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